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Most of us take our garbage disposal for granted. It is there to shred the food and keep the pipes nice and clean. Well, that’s until something goes wrong and the disposal no longer gets the job done. The truth is, this unit will last anywhere from 8 to 15 years before you need to get yourself a new one.

But, it is not uncommon for it to spring a leak or develop a crack from time to time. That’s where a quick repair can help. However, before you start repairing the problem, you should troubleshoot the unit. Here, you can find the most typical hurdles that could indicate why your garbage disposal is not working.

Doesn’t Grind, Just Hums

Before inspecting any aspects of the disposal, the first step is to press the reset button, which you can see at the bottom of the unit. It features a built-in circuit breaker capable of resetting the disposal when it becomes faulty.

If that doesn’t do anything to help, then move to the main service panel. Check whether the circuit breaker has tripped. If it did, reset the lever. If neither the breaker nor the reset button help, then it could be a distinct matter.

After flipping the switch on, the only thing you can hear is a loud hum. This is most likely caused by a:

  • Faulty motor
  • Stuffed/jammed disposal

The hum means that the unit keeps on acquiring power. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with its electrical power supply. However, the blades are not churning. So, something else is obstructing the unit. Turn off the disposal and visually observe it.

If there is an obvious blockage, take tongs or pliers and carefully remove it. Then, take a wooden spoon and cautiously rotate the blades. This manual rotation can get it back on track. Keep the water running while testing the unit.

Another option would be to try with an Allen wrench to apply manual flywheel rotation. At the bottom of the unit, which is directly under the sink, there is a hole. This is where a quarter-inch Allen wrench can fit. Turn it back and forth and see if it has any changes. If your efforts are in vain, contact a plumber. Our plumbing company is always at your disposal.

Disposal Won’t Turn On

Being unable to turn the unit on means there is an issue with its power source. Or, it might be overloaded. In this case, you can:

  • Check if the unit is properly plugged in.
  • Do a reset by pressing the reset button.
  • Observe for any loose connection on the wall switch, re-tighten them just to make sure everything is in place.
  • Check the spot where the wires connect to the disposal. All that vibration can make them come loose. So tighten them.

Is your disposal still not working? Then contact our plumbing services today. The issue might need some repairing, so having capable hands can really come in handy.

Slow Draining Disposal slow draining sink pro plumbing works

Grinding food waste for this unit is a breeze. However, grinding various consumables can eventually lead to a clog. When the disposal is not draining properly, it most often has to do with it not being able to dispose of the food as it normally would.

You can prevent that from happening by flushing the unit with plenty of water when it is running. Make sure to let the water run for at least a couple of seconds after you’ve turned it off. This can help the machine take care of the small pieces of food, like rinds, scraps, or anything that gets in the way.

But, if you’ve already clogged the unit, it’s time to clean it up. What you need to do is disassemble the discharge pipe and drain tap. Then clean out the food waste that’s blocking the pipes. Then, put it back together, run water, and turn it back on again. The water should be running down smoothly.

Leaky Spots

Leakage can happen in many places. Such as the sink flange, dishwasher connection, and discharge drainpipe. All the vibration from the unit processing the food waste can undo the apparatus that holds everything in place. This is most likely the reason behind the leakage.

To get that fixed, turn off the unit and start tightening the mounting bolts. Double-check for leaks and keep tightening the bolts around the leakage. If there is extra putty ooze, wipe it away. If the leak has to do with the dishwasher connection, then tighten the hose clamp that’s linked to the dishwasher inlet.

If the leaks don’t stop, use a new hose. For a discharge drainpipe, tighten and reinstall the bolts. This will give you the structure you’ve been looking for.

Types of Garbage Disposals – Batch Feed vs. Continuous

When it comes to selecting a different unit, it is vital to know how people classify these units. There is the batch feed and continuous feed unit. The main way to distinguish the two is that the first one processes food waste in batches. While the second provides a continuous process.

Whatever you select is based on personal taste. They both have their perks and uses, with continuous feed being the most popular one. What matters is that you choose a unit according to your individual needs, rather than the price tag.

Things Not to Put into a Garbage Disposal

coffee grounds pro plumbing works

potato peels pro plumbing works

egg shells pro plumbing works

The unit is here to make your life easier. But, it’s not an all-rounder. There is a limit to what it can do, and disposing of certain food scraps may affect its overall durability and effectiveness. It is not a good idea to use the machine to dispose of coffee grounds, bread, rice, pasta, eggshells, stringy or fibrous veggies, and fruits. Discarding potato peels, fat, oil, and grease is often not recommended.

Although most food waste may seem harmless, these products can clog the drainage system and are known to create big problems. So, follow the user guidelines to a tee, and your garbage disposal can last you a very long time. If you are having trouble with your unit, be sure to contact our plumbing company today. We can help fix the issue in no time!

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