If you are experiencing a drain or sewer back up anywhere in your home, including the kitchen sink, please feel free to contact Pro-Plumbing  24/7 at 941-400-4864. We are a locally owned, company with a great reputation that has been operating in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch area for over 30years.

Is it a clogged drain, or drain backup? There are clogged drains, then there are backups. A clog is when the water won’t go down. A backup is when water and debris are coming “back up” each is unpleasant and need immediate attention.

Drain and Sewer Back up Solutions

You can’t always tell what is causing a back up in your plumbing. Frequently a sewer camera is needed. Your plumbing is like a tree, with many twists, turns, and branches running throughout your home. If you follow these pipes, they all lead to one main pipe that enters and exits your home. If a clog forms in one critical area, it can impact the sink, shower, toilet, and tub. And if the backup occurs outside your home, it can impact every drain in your home. This will cause water to back up in all the drains that empty into that pipe. This is why it’s important to contact us right away to identify the issue and find the correct solution.

Clogged Drain and Dewer Solutions

Many clogged drains are easy fixes, and sometimes the homeowner can accomplish them on their own. However, if you have tried over and over again and the problem reoccurs its time to call Pro-Plumbing Works. You want to make sure your plumbing was installed correctly and that the drain is working properly. This will avoid future clogs and water damage.


If you are in the Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota area and experiencing drain and sewer backups contact Pro-Plumbing works for a permanent solution.