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There are different kinds of drains in your home or office and each one is unique when it comes to unclogging them. All of them lead to the sewer line and that means the clog can be anywhere from the topmost section that you can see to the long pipe system out to the sewer.

Using the right tools to unclog your drains is important otherwise you could be wasting your time without unclogging the drains. We see a lot of people trying to unclog a drain when the clog is not even in that area. This is because some drains are easier to back up due to their location within the entire plumbing system.

A clogged sink in the bathroom could be the closest drain to the sewer that actually has the clog down farther down the pipes. Often using a store-bought drain cleaner is not sufficient enough for proper drain cleaning. It can be very frustrating spending all that money and time for the same clogged results. In fact, many times the clog is happening because the vent pipe is clogged and not allowing the water to flow freely. Drain cleaners will not work in this case.

So whether you have a sink, toilet, shower or floor drain that is not flowing at the rate it should be, it could be a number of things causing the clog. All kinds of debris go through your drains and eventually, they can get lodged and start the clogging process.

Pro-Plumbing Works drain cleaning service can quickly identify and fix the clog no matter where it is appearing saving you a lot of frustration. We have been helping residents of Sarasota unclog their drains for years and we are always here to help. We have the tools for any kind of slow or clogged drain and we are confident you’ll be happy with our cleanliness, speed, and quality service.

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