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SLAB LEAKS – Simply stated, slab leaks are water leaks below a concrete slab. Proper steps need to be taken in order to find exactly where the leak is before it becomes much more costly and dangerous. The health concerns that follow a leak are nothing to take lightly. Leaking water leads to mold. There is no way around it, and breathing in mold for an extended period of time can lead to some substantial respiratory issues. If a slab leak is left unnoticed, or uncared for, there is the potential for the molding and consequent rotting to begin affecting the supporting structures of your home, and that is a much more serious problem. Contact Pro-Plumbing Works before you start smashing up your concrete. We will identify where the leak is coming, repair it and save you from spending more money.

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We are a third generation family run business that has its roots in Milwaukee, WI. Our grandfather, Leonard Russo, started the family trade during the Great Depression in 1939. He worked almost every day of his life as a plumber, including the day he got married! We are happy to continue that tradition of hard work & customer satisfaction.