Sarasota PlumberAre you thinking about a whole house water filtration system in the Englewood area? There are a lot of things you should think about when making that decision of installing one in your home. Every area has different things to consider – water source, age of town pipes, etc.

Pro-Plumbing works is a great resource for all of your questions and concerns. We have installed many water filtration systems throughout the Englewood area and continue to do so. We have a wealth of information for all the different towns and challenges.

The water in your area could be laced with harsh minerals that can make every day chores and outcomes more challenging like washing your hair, washing your clothes, spots on your dishes, glasses and silverware just to name a few. It can even be challenging for your plants and garden in some cases. Plus there is the piping issues – harmful minerals can damage pipes and corrode them over time. So choosing a whole house water filter system is more than just buying the cheapest one.

Pro-Plumbing WorksWe work with many different types of quality water filtration systems and have the expertise to install the perfect one for your home and situation. We work with top brands that last longer than the cheap water filtration systems from the box store “Specials.” We are here to help you chose the right one for your home.

There are many different things you need to think about before buying and installing your filtration system. Here are just a few of the obvious ones to think about:

Water Filtration System Size – We see this all the time. A homeowner buys one from a box store and only looks at the price. When they install it they realize it’s too small for their water consumption. Unless a plumber experienced in water filter planning and installation looks at all your concerns first it’s almost impossible to get it right from the start. Did you know we do free home reviews and quotes?

Water Filtration System Location – Where are you installing the filtration system? There are many different ways of installing depending on where on your property it is going to reside. There are many different materials used depending on where it’s installed – garage, inside house, under your carport, in the carport shed, etc.

Water Filtration System Source – Are you hooking this up to the town water supply or is it being used on a well? Is it a shallow well or a deep well? Depending on the source will depend on the type of filtration so it can remove the proper contaminants. Did you know that we can identify the contaminants in your water?

Water Filtration System Single Brand Sales – It’s important to know when working with sales person who only sells one brand that they might not give you a filtration system that best for you, rather they sell what’s best for them. As a plumbing company, we selling and installing water filters that are best for you and your entire situation.

There are a lot more items that need to be considered in order to choose the right water filtration system for your home. As a plumber we give you the facts and information needed to make that right decision and have seen what happens when the wrong systems were installed. We do not sell one specific brand and will not push the wrong one on you. We only sell what’s right for each individual client’s needs. We are the plumbers you can trust.

If you live in the Englewood area and would like to learn more about our whole house water filtration systems and installations, feel free to use the form on the right and introduce yourself. We will explain everything you need to know and understand with our free inspection and estimate. We look forward to speaking with you.