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Today we’ll be covering the top 10 essential plumbing tools that professional plumbers rely on! Whether you’re a trained professional or a DIY plumber, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest advancements and innovations in our industry. In this blog post, we’ll examine the latest plumbing tools that are revolutionizing how professionals work.

From inspection cameras with pivot view heads and built-in LED lights to advanced torch tips featuring unique flame designs, these tools offer enhanced efficiency and precision. We’ll also discuss rapid repair clamps for instant water flow control and multi-function wrenches that simplify your toolkit.

Additionally, you’ll learn about powerful drain cleaning machines designed for diverse drain diameters, compact tube cutters for effortless metal cutting, pipe bevelers compatible with various die grinders, and comprehensive tube bender sets for accurate bending jobs.

Last but not least, we will cover professional pipe freezing kits that save time on-site by eliminating the need to drain down systems before working as well as midget cutters specifically designed for tight spaces where traditional cutters cannot reach. Dive into this blog post to expand your knowledge as a Plumbing Tools Professional and elevate your skills in the field.

Inspection Cameras for Plumbers

Plumbing inspection cameras, like the Milwaukee M-Spector Flex, make pipe inspections faster and more efficient, allowing plumbers to detect problems easier and quicker.

Pivot View Camera Head for Better Visibility

The pivot view camera head adjusts the angle of the lens, providing better visibility in tight spaces, ensuring thorough inspections without difficulty.

Built-In LED Lights for Improved Inspections

Built-in LED lights illuminate dark areas within pipes, making it easier to identify potential issues such as leaks or blockages, providing clear visuals for plumbers to diagnose problems and develop effective solutions.

For more information on the benefits of plumbing inspection cameras, check out this source.

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Advanced Torch Tips

For professional plumbers, having the right tools for soldering and brazing is crucial. One such essential tool is an advanced torch tip like the Uni-Weld Product Tip Cap’n Hook MTF-5. This innovative torch tip features a unique 5 flame design that evenly distributes heat across copper tubes while keeping sensitive areas safe from excessive heat exposure.

The Cap’n Hook MTF-5 torch tip not only increases efficiency but also ensures safety during plumbing tasks. The Cap’n Hook MTF-5 torch tip offers users the ability to take on even the most difficult soldering and brazing projects with confidence.

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Rapid Repair Clamps

Got a burst pipe? Don’t panic, just grab a Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamp and stop the water flow in seconds.

Not only does the Kibosh clamp save time, but it also minimizes potential damage caused by prolonged water exposure. Keep one in your toolbox or home emergency kit so you’re always prepared when disaster strikes.

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Multi-function Wrenches

Are you tired of lugging around a heavy toolbox filled with different wrench sizes? The Multi-function Magic Wrench is here to save the day with its auto-adapting mechanism that simplifies usage.

Incorporating a Multi-function Magic Wrench into your plumbing arsenal will streamline your work process and help you complete jobs more efficiently. Check out this detailed review on how it has transformed the way professionals approach their plumbing tasks.

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Drain Cleaning Machines

If you’re a professional plumber, having a reliable drain cleaning machine like the RIDGID K60SP Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine is essential for tackling tough clogs. This powerful tool can handle clogged drains ranging from 1/4-inch up to 4 inches in diameter, making it versatile enough for various plumbing tasks.

The RIDGID K60SP Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine offers an effective solution for plumbers who need a compact yet powerful tool that can tackle various types of drain blockages. This machine is a great asset for plumbers, with its ability to perform well and be taken anywhere.

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Compact Tube Cutters

Plumbing jobs require the right tools, and a compact tube cutter like the Nerrad Tools NT4023 is a must-have for any plumber.

Adding a reliable compact tube cutter like the Nerrad Tools NT4023 to your toolkit will make your next plumbing project more efficient and precise.

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Pipe Bevelers

Quickly and safely bevel plastic pipes larger than two inches with the Bevel Boss Reed Pipe Beveler, compatible with popular die grinder brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Bosch.

Smooth and consistent edge

Ensure precise pipe connections without damaging the material or compromising its integrity, making the Bevel Boss Reed Pipe Beveler an essential tool for professional plumbers.

Seamless compatibility

No need to invest in additional tools specifically for pipe bevelling tasks, as the Bevel Boss Reed Pipe Beveler works seamlessly with your existing equipment.

For more information on the Bevel Boss Reed Pipe Beveler, visit reedmfgco.com.

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Tube Bender Sets

As a professional plumber, you need the JAVAC Edge Tube Bender Set to bend soft copper pipes with ease.

The JAVAC Edge Tube Bender Set guarantees precise results with minimal effort and durable construction for long-lasting performance.

For more information on how to use tube benders effectively and safely, check out this helpful video tutorial.

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Arctic Hayes Professional Pipe Freeze Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Frozen Pipes

Don’t let frozen pipes freeze your productivity – the Arctic Hayes Professional Pipe Freeze Kit is here to save the day.

As a plumbing technician, you’re familiar with the difficulty of tackling frozen pipes – but this cutting-edge kit makes it much simpler and faster.

Investing in the Arctic Hayes Professional Pipe Freeze Kit is a no-brainer – it’s a convenient and efficient tool that every plumber should have in their arsenal.

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Midget Cutters for Tight Spaces

When working in tight spaces, a midget cutter like the RIDGID Model 118 can handle all your pipe cutting needs effectively.

Its compact design allows you to reach areas where traditional cutters cannot, making it an essential tool for any professional plumber.

Ideal for Confined Areas

Detachable Ratchet Handle for Added Versatility

The detachable ratchet handle provides flexibility when working in restricted areas by allowing you to adjust the angle and position of the cutter.

This feature ensures precise cuts while minimizing strain on your hands during extended use.

To learn more about how this innovative tool can improve your plumbing projects, check out this review of the RIDGID Model 118 Midget Cutter.

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FAQs in Relation to Plumbing Tools Professional

What Tools Do Professional Plumbers Use?

Professional plumbers use a variety of specialized tools, including inspection cameras, torch tips, rapid repair clamps, multi-function wrenches, drain cleaning machines, compact tube cutters, pipe bevelers, tube bender sets, and midget cutters. These tools help them efficiently diagnose issues and perform repairs in various plumbing situations. Family Handyman provides an extensive list of essential plumbing tools.

What Is the Importance of Tools in Plumbing?

The right plumbing tools are crucial for efficient and accurate workmanship. They enable professionals to quickly identify problems within pipes or drains and effectively carry out necessary repairs or installations. High-quality plumbing equipment ensures that tasks are completed safely while minimizing potential damage to property.

What Tool Do Plumbers Use the Most?

The most commonly used tool by plumbers is likely the pipe wrench – a versatile hand tool designed for turning pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. Its adjustable jaws grip tightly onto objects without slipping or damaging surfaces. Other frequently used items include plunger, plumber’s tape (Teflon tape), basin wrenches, and channel locks (source).

What Are the Six Categories of Plumbing Tools?

Six main categories of plumbing tools include:

  1. Pipe working: Pipe wrenches, tubing cutters & benders.
  2. Drain cleaning: Drain snakes, plungers & hydro jetters.
  3. Soldering and brazing: Torches, solder & flux.
  4. Tightening and loosening: Adjustable wrenches, basin wrenches & channel locks.
  5. Diagnostics: Inspection cameras, leak detectors & pressure gauges.
  6. Miscellaneous tools: Plumber’s tape (Teflon tape), plumber’s putty & pipe thread sealant (source).


Professional plumbers have a plethora of tools at their disposal to make their job easier and more efficient, including inspection cameras with pivot view camera heads and built-in LED lights to improve visibility, and advanced torch tips with unique flame designs to protect sensitive areas.

Rapid repair clamps can instantly stop water flow from burst pipes, multi-function wrenches eliminate the need for carrying multiple wrenches, and drain cleaning machines can handle diverse drain diameters, while compact tube cutters can effortlessly cut copper and stainless steel tubes, and pipe bevelers can safely bevel large diameter plastic pipes.

Tube bender sets ensure accurate bends, professional pipe freezing kits speed up the freezing process on-site without draining down systems before working, and midget cutters are ideal for tight spaces where traditional cutters cannot reach.

For more information on the best plumbing tools for your needs, Contact Us today!