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Hot Water Heater Replacement or Repair

If you are hearing odd noises, noticing weird smells, or losing water pressure, contact us to determine if you can repair or need to replace your hot water heater. Most people tend to forget they have a water heater until they are in the shower. That’s why it’s important to call Pro Plumbers if you are in the Sarasota area when your water heater shows signs of trouble. We’ll address the issue promptly and do our best to save you money and aggravation.

Is it time for a water heater repair?

If you’re noticing your hot water isn’t as hot as you’d like it to be or notice discolored water from the hot water tap, it might be time to get your hot water heater checked out. Over time, water heaters often suffer from sediment build-up that can damage the tank. To remove these sediments, it may be necessary to drain and flush your tank.

If you spot metal or rust in your tank’s water, call Pro Plumbers immediately. These particles may indicate the anode rod needs to be replaced. The anode rod’s purpose is to be sacrificial by design to attract corrosive chemicals in the water and keep them from rusting the tank liner. If the water heater liner corrodes, the unit can start leaking. If the drain pan under the water heater is old or incorrectly installed, you may end up with water damage to your floors, ceilings or wall, depending on the location of your appliance. We suggest you call the experts at Pro Plumbing because the power needs to be turned off at the circuit breaker and the gas before doing any kind of inspection.

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