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leaky faucet pro plumbing worksA dripping faucet can be a minor issue. But, if left unmanaged for an extended period, an outdoor faucet leaking can ramp up that water bill sooner than you think. Plus, eventually, all the water piling up will stack around the foundation of your home and form patches in the soil.

You can expect the outdoor faucet to last anywhere from 15-25 years, or 20 on average, depending on the use and whether you are draining it right before the harsh winter freeze. However, the vacuum breakers (a hose connection installed on every hose bib/faucet) can fail a lot quicker.

Its average lifespan is from 5-12 years. Plus, it is prone to leaks and possible damage. Here, you can see exactly what to do if your faucet is leaking. We compiled some practical fixes you can use in a jiffy. So, let’s get right to it.

How to Check For a Water Leak At Home?

Before you get down to business, it’s a good idea to troubleshoot the unit. Leaks are often visible and quite easy to find. But, some components may need some extra attention. That’s where the quick test below can help.

Put the thumb or hand over the spigot. Turn the water on and feel the pressure. If you are able to hold the water in, then there is a leak, and it’s dispersing that pressure. But, if there is a lot of pressure coming from the water, and you are incapable of holding it all back, then there is nothing wrong with your faucet!

Causes for an Outdoor Faucet Leak old faucet pro plumbing works

The reasons are many. Leaks from an outdoor spigot emerge because of worn-out washers, clogged, frozen, or damaged pipes. It’s not uncommon for the faucet to suffer some wear and tear, and the pipes can develop residue built-up.

Frost is typically the most common contributor. When the pipe freezes in the middle of winter, the metal is forced to contract and expand, eventually cracking under pressure. If the spigot is too old, then don’t bother fixing it. Just get yourself a new one and call it a day. That way, you can save yourself some effort and time.

Ways to Prevent Outdoor Faucet Leaks

Don’t beat around the bush! There is no method that can prevent the leaks for good. But, there is a practical measure you can use to reduce the possibility of leaks. That means winterizing your outdoor faucet. Disconnect the spigot in fall and apply a faucet cover.

When the temperature begins to drop, you can give the unit a good rest. Applying a cover adds some level of protection from the elements, including probable water damage. For a more long-term solution, get yourself a frost-free spigot capable of handling freezing temperatures.

Damage Caused by Faucet Leaks

Well, it goes without saying that water waste will be your biggest problem. Not just for your wallet but the surrounding area as well. In time, the water can result in mildew or mold growth. Big water pools are known to enter the home or cause foundation damage. These are all issues that can be avoided with on-time fixes.

DIY Fixes for Outdoor Spigot Leaks

Before you contact Pro-Plumbing Works (located in Sarasota, FL), you can try to fix the issue yourself. Common problems require just a little bit of effort for you to see worthwhile results. Just follow the steps below, and you can get the results you are hoping for.

Required tools:

Step 1: Get the Retaining Nut Nice and Tight

If it’s your lucky day, then tightening the retaining nut can fix the leak. You can find it just below the faucet handle. Don’t use too much force, though. If a tight snug doesn’t help, then it’s time to turn the water off, take out the nut, and fix the spigot.

Step 2: Take Out the Faucet Stem

If the spigot handle keeps turning, you will need to take out the valve. You can replace just the valve or the complete faucet if necessary. But, for taking care of simple leaks, removing the faucet stem will do. This will reveal the washer assembly. For it to come out, you may need to unscrew the faucet stem.

Step 3: Add a New Washer Assembly

Replace the failed washer with a new washer assembly. Make sure to keep track of the components you remove so that you can put them back in the exact same order as you took them out. If the component that holds the water is stuck inside the faucet, use pliers to pull it out. It may seem a little tricky, but you can do it.

Step 4: Pop Out the Vacuum Breaker Cap

On the top of the spigot, there is a cap that’s around an inch in diameter. It can either unscrew or slip out of the faucet. Use a screwdriver if necessary to pry it open. The device below it is called an anti-siphon valve, also referred to as a vacuum breaker.

Step 5: Focus on the Parts

Now that you’ve removed the cap, you will notice a couple of parts. Simple cleaning and reinstalling can get the spigot back on track. If that does you no good, then replacing them with newer components can help.

When working with a problem like this, it is a good idea to experiment. First, clean them up thoroughly and put them back again. Turn the water on, and see whether that helped fix the problem. New parts are also easy to come by. They don’t cost too much, nor do they take too long to reinstall.

All you have to do is put back the parts exactly where you found them, and this can be enough to take care of the leaks.

Have you done all these steps, but the leaks keep on coming? Then contact Pro-Plumbing Works (https://thesarasotaplumber.com/) today! Your problem may be above your pay grade, so it’s a good idea to have capable hands helping around the house. With our plumbing services, you can get the leaks fixed in no time!

Calling us is a lot easier (and usually faster) than doing faucet repairs yourself!

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