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Sarasota PlumberWe would like to share some plumbing tips for your home. Pro-Plumbing Works has been fixing plumbing issues in your area for years and yet we still see the same issues. Did you know that most plumbing emergencies we see are created by the homeowner trying to do their own plumbing?

We would like to help you prevent your plumbing emergencies with these 5 plumbing tips. If you still need our services we will be happy to come out and fix any plumbing issues you have.

Plumbing Tip #1
Use quality supply lines. Rubber hoses will eventually degrade and that means they will leak. Replace any rubber hose on the washer, sinks or anywhere else you might be using them with the braided stainless steel hoses. They are made to withstand the pressures better than the old style rubber hoses. If you have the rubber hoses check them regularly to ensure they are not leaking because once they go the water will keep on running until you turn off the valve.

Plumbing Tip #2
Use quality toilet supply lines. When replacing the lines to your toilet make sure you are using the ones with metal fittings and not plastic. We have see many plastic fittings that were tightened too tight and they eventually cracked. This will cause the water to continually leak until you spot the issue. Even a small leak can cause damage to your floor, sheetrock, tile, etc. Once the water causes mold it will create all kinds of costly fixes so check them today!

Plumbing Tip #3
Check your Water Main Valve! This is a big one. When we show up to perform plumbing tasks we need to shut off the water main valve. Many times the homeowner doesn’t even know where it is. This is a huge problem. With any plumbing emergency, you need to go turn off the main valve so knowing where it is an easy access is very important. The next important part is that it actually shuts off 100%, otherwise while you try to fix something the water will keep running and flooding your area. Make sure the valve is a new one made of metal and not plastic. The quality of your success starts at the beginning and that’s with your water main valve!

Plumbing Tip #4
Hot water heater drip pan – If your water heater leaks your drip pan should collect that water. If it leaks over a long period of time it needs to drain off into a proper pipe to prevent flooding. We often see water heaters without a drip pan or if there is one it is not hooked up to a drain. So when it leaks it just overflows all over the floor. It will keep flowing until you catch it and shut off the valves. Make sure your drip pan made of the newer rubber material and not the old plastic that can crack and leak. Make sure it is connected to a drain and that it actually works. And that brings us to our 5th plumbing tip.

Plumbing Tip #5
Check all of your drains – inside and out! Many of the homes in your neighborhood are old and that means old drain pipes. Metal pipes used in many homes are all damaged by now and that causes all kinds of plumbing issues. The last thing a homeowner needs is a backed up tub, sink, toilet, etc. eventually the old metal pipes will go and cause damage inside and outside of your home. Replacing the drain pipes before there is a problem is cheaper than waiting until you absolutely have to. Check your drain pipes today or call us and we can come in with our camera system to see the insides of all of them.

We hope this has shed some light into the common homeowner plumbing issues out there. If you have any of these plumbing issues and would like a second opinion please give us a call 24/7 at 941-894-1127.

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